man-cladiri5The cheapest form of energy is the one we save.


Steps in a efficient energy project:

  • Identify technical solutions
  • Identify financial solution to reduce financial impact on your organization (recover investment from generated energy)
  • Project Implementation


Reduce consumption and costs of energy, with direct impact in energy profile. Investment financing to provide payments from resulting economy.

Professional Services 

man-cladiri4Substances, materials, and equipment listed below belong to European Community, and therefore have certificates of conformity and quality, in addition to labor safety and security bills.

  1. HVAC system maintenance
  2. Security system maintenance
  3. Generating units maintenance
  4. Outside illumination system maintenance
  5. Cleaning services
  6. Residue management
  7. Lawn care
  8. Dezinfection and Insect cleaning services
  9. Cleaning of industrial equipment

Utilities management consists of reducing the number of users based on user analysis and analysis of clients’ specific operational activity

  • man-cladiri6Adopt a subscription-based service to monitor the growth of utility consumption. This service will feature a help-desk component to inform the Client in real time of uncharacteristic changes consumption based on estimates (unjustified increase of consumption, unpredicted reactive/capacitive energy consumption, etc). These notes will offer suggestions for removing unfamiliar situations.
  • Implement methods for reducing energy consumption by cutting flow of heating agent (heating and cooling agents) when HVAC system in used incorrectly (e.g. interrupt AC or reduce hot water to heating element when a window is being opened).
  • Monitor the thermal profile in Client’s buildings using thermovision. As reports are being delivered, service offers are being sent to reduce loss of energy.
  • Monitor potential gas leaks using thermovision by scanning large areas and even kilometer long pipes using real-time images of gas leaks.


Utilities management is an important component of Facilities Management and Property Care Services By using our solution, utilities consumption is reduced significantly (electric, gaz, heat, steam)

Utilities Monitoring

  • Monitor in real time natural gas consumption, ensuring it stays within projected budget
  • Monitor parameters for Utilities Plants, potentially reducing the number of unscheduled interventions, and remotely identifying the main causes of abnormal functioning or setting a damaged functioning mode (no gas, electric, and water).
  • Monitoring consumption of active and reactive energy, as well as the quality of the energy received from the producer, with monthly reports.
  • Monitor water consumption, ensuring it stays withing projected budget. Potentially monitor source parameters (pressure, flow, etc)



Implementing such a system allows:

  • Continuous tracking of utility usage,
  • Monthly, Trimester, Half-year, and annual reports,
  • Remote access, in real time, by hosting the databased on the Cloud and using an applications on a dedicated web domain
  • Permanent help-desk service.